Founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, Steve Kirsch is a is an American serial entrepreneur. He has a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in electrical engineering and computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has started several successful companies, and was one of two people who coincidentally invented the optical mouse. In 2007, his personal fortune was estimated at $230 million.

“When COVID hit, I looked for what I could do that would make a difference. I found that: Drug repurposing was the fastest, lowest-cost way to end the pandemic, Treating the virus as early as possible was incredibly important (we should never be telling people to go home and do nothing), Nobody was funding the top scientists working on outpatient trials of repurposed drugs. The top drugs (like camostat) were not be funded at all. This is an epic failure of world governments and the WHO. So I put in $1M of my own money and raised another $4M to start CETF (Covid Early Treatment Fund).”

Fluvoxamine for COVID: what you need to know – This “Drug has been proven to work in every trial it has been tested in, including outpatient and inpatient studies. There is zero evidence fluvoxamine does nothing or is harmful. Zero. All the trials have been positive. NIH and WHO refuse to acknowledge it works since it will cause vaccine hesitancy if it is known that there is a drug that turns COVID into a mild disease.

Gavin Newsom (Gov. of California) is out of sight likely because he has Bell’s Palsy from his booster shot – 8/11/2021

COVID vaccines have killed over 200,000 Americans – Steve Kirsch, an American Entrepreneur and independent Investigator in August 2021 offered a $1 Million USD reward to anyone who could disprove his claim that over 200,000 Americans (to that date) had died as a direct result of taking an mRNA vaccine (not the 9000-odd the US Govt stated). So far – no one has disproved his allegations. Here are the slides to that Video and you can follow Steve here – lots of statistical and other information

Dr. Paul Offit is lying to us about myocarditis rates – 2/11/2021 – For teen boys, vaccines are more likely, not less likely, to kill you or give you myocarditis. Here’s the proof

Some examples of medical corruption that are being ignored by the medical community – I thought I’d start a list to capture what is going on. Nobody in the mainstream medical community seems to mind these abuses. They are remaining silent, so I guess these are all OK nowadays.

Hear directly from the vaccine injured: Thinking of taking the jab? Spend 3 hours to watch this video first.

My vaccination guide for parents – A legislator from Alaska asked one of our team members for a one page vaccination guide for parents. We didn’t have one, so I made one

My team of vaccine safety experts wants a debate but nobody pushing the narrative will accept – 4/11/2021 – We think we analyzed the data correctly. The mainstream experts think we are spreading misinformation. We’ve asked the mainstream narrative experts to correct us if they think we got it wrong. They all refuse to engage us in a scientific discussion to resolve

Steve Kirsch’s Article Archive – very interesting reading