Information is Power. Much has recently been written about the censorship of alternative and non-official-narrative ‘news’ and information. There are many treatments, supplements, protocols and much information that you will not find using such browsers as Google, Chrome etc. There are alternative safe browsers that will give you non-google-algorithmic responses to your search queries. They are also compatible with most 3rd party virus protection. We have found adding the DuckDuckGo browser extension to Chrome for your desktop or downloading an independent browser such as Brave for your mobile gives a completely different set of results to anything searched for in Google/Chrome etc. Why not give it a go yourself? You might be surprised at what you find.
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Stew Peters is the Co-Founder of Red Voice Media, and Host of The Stew Peters Show

Vax Antidote: Creating the Reversal of Damage Caused by the Jab – 28/10/2021 – Information

Never Before Seen: Blood Doctor Reveals HORRIFIC Findings After Examining Vials provided by Dr. Jane Ruby – 4/10/2021 – Dr. Zandre Botha was shocked after studying the blood of “vaccinated” patients that were coming to her with serious illness after being injected with the shots being called “Covid vaccines”.

VAXX VIALS Breaking Development: Discs Carry “Mystery Payload” 26/10/2021- Dr. Jane Ruby revealed a breaking development, and a deeper look into the findings of Dr. Zandre Botha, who previously exposed never-before-seen images of the contents of the “vaccine” vials.

DATA MATTERS: Death Rate Explodes in “Fully Vaccinated” Victims – 26/10/2021

Nurse Blows Whistle: Vaxx Injuries EXPLODING, Serious Heart Issues – 3/11/2021

VAERS Reveals DEATH BY LOT NUMBER: Specific States Get Certain Vials – 1/1/2021 – The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) collects information that the CDC is supposed to use to determine the safety of vaccines that have been released for the public. That system has revealed some extremely SHOCKING information about specific lot numbers that seem to be causing more damage and death than others

Horror: Exclusive Video Captures “Organism” from Vaxxed Soldiers Body – 6/10/2021 – This soldier’s wife recorded what came out of her husband’s body after detoxing. What she describes is HORRIFIC!

BREAKING! AstraZeneca ‘Vaccine’ Vials Examined by Researchers Confirm Toxic Poison 7/07/2021 – First Pfizer, now AstraZeneca! The toxic substance (poison) that was found in the Pfizer vials by Spanish researchers has now been confirmed to also be the main ingredient in the AstraZeneca vaccine, according to another scientific research group.

Covid Nasal Swabs Examined by Scientists Reveal Danger – 18/10/2021 – Scientists have been examining the nasal swabs that get shoved up your kids’ nose at school all day, and the results will shake your soul.

Forced Organ Harvesting: Tribunal Estimated Organ Trade Worth $1 Billion per year – 4/11/2021 – The biggest victims of the this traffic in human flesh are members of the Chinese religious group Falun Gong. Falun Gong is banned in China, its members are imprisoned if they are discovered, and some of them, of course, are getting their bodies strip mined for organs. Mitchell Nicholas Gerber joins us.

Governor Smashes Tyranny – 3/11/2021 – Alaska’s Governor Mike Dunleavy has set the standard for standing against tyranny with a new administrative order blocking the feds from breaking into your bank account, labeling parents terrorists, and forcing U.S. soldiers to get the clot shot. Stew Peters Show investigative journalist Edward Szall shares a shocking report on the showdown looming with Biden’s Pentagon.

Dr. Zelenko Drops ATOMIC BOMB: Where Did the Influenza Go? – 26/10/2021 – Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko planted a highly explosive bomb under the influenza narrative today on The Stew Peters Show

Dr. Robert Malone On His mRNA Creation – 13/10/2021 – Stew Peters sat down with Dr. Robert Malone, the creator of the mRNA technology being used in the shots being falsely referred to as “vaccines”, which have proven to be dangerous, and in many cases deadly.

Dr. Stella Immanuel Hits Breaking Point, Erupts During Ivermectin Interview – 19/10/2021 – Stew Peters sat down with Dr. Stella Immanuel, and the interview took a complete detour away from early treatment for COVID, and into the real battle we’re facing as global citizens, believers in God and followers of Jesus Christ

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