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Covid VaccinesTake a non-mainstream look

Check out the some of the things you wont see in the news today:

BREAKING — Japan Puts Warnings on COVID Jabs – Japan has taken steps to warn its citizens about serious side effects linked to COVID-19 injections.1 They’ve added a label to the jabs, warning about the risk of myocarditis — inflammation2 of the heart muscle that can cause symptoms similar to a heart attack, including chest pain, shortness of breath, abnormal heartbeat and fatigue.

Gates, Fauci, and Daszak charged with Genocide in Court Filing – In a stunning 46-page legal filing to the International Criminal Court on December 6, an intrepid attorney and seven applicants accused Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszak, Melinda Gates, William Gates III, and twelve others of numerous violations of the Nuremberg Code. These included various crimes against humanity and war crimes as defined by the Rome Statutes, Articles 6, 7, 8, 15, 21, and 53.

Video: What MSM Will NOT Report – It’s A Pandemic Of The Vaccinated, Numbers Of Deaths & Horrific Injuries Keep Increasing. Nurses speak out. Aussie Nurse: “Our hospitals are full of vaccinated patients”

South Australian Nurse destroys the mainstream narrative in a media interview that never made it to the news 3/10/21 – Eye-Opening Stuff

Jab Causing Massive Increase in Miscarriages – In a video interview at the Worldwide Freedom Rally in Edmonton, Alberta, Canadian Dr. Daniel Nagase revealed that stillbirths are “exploding” in fully vaccinated Canadian women. In just six months, Waterloo, Ontario, has seen 86 stillbirths. Normally, the area sees five to six stillbirths a year; British Columbia saw 13 in just 24 hours. Nagase is demanding that the government begin releasing the death statistics for all injuries and deaths connected with the COVID jabs.

Its not just Australia – Something Really Strange Is Happening At Hospitals All Over America

Physician Scott Youngblood’s presentation to the San Diego County Board of Supervisors meeting. Truth bombs flying in this presentation – 2nd November, 2021

Message to the world from the elders of Australia – time to come together people to remove the demons from their positions of human control.

Ros Nealon-Cook, a former Registered Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia, a licensed Medicare provider, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, HeartMath Certified Health Professional, and founder of Integrated Kids: On covid vaccines, amygdala hijack and why some people just cannot see the truth.

Ros Nealon Cook and other health professionals and exposes paedophilia and corruption at the highest levels of Australian Government & judiciary and how this is driving current Covid Response, policies and laws in Australia. Scary stuff and a definite eye opener.

Secretive Science Exposed with Alexandra Marshall You will not want to miss this explosive interview With one of Australia’s most brilliant political minds … what is really going on with this so-called science and the ‘follow the science’ call in Australia that has led to such overarching policies and mandates by all our Governments. A must See. Available on FB or UTube

Professor Nikolai Petrovsky – an Australian (pandemic) Vaccinologist has produced an effective non mRNA, protein-based vaccine which is approved for use overseas in several countries yet the TGA and Government has has refused to mention or make it available to Australians as an option. Trials in 17,000 people proved it was highly successful in preventing the delta variant of covid-19 yet he has had to resort to crowd-funding to put an approval application for COVAX before the TGA. Calling the whole system ‘corrupt’ – here is what he has to say about it

US11107588B2 – US Patent Awarded 31/08/2021 – “A method of prophylactically vaccinating a population having a plurality of subjects with a vaccine against an epidemic infectious disease, said plurality of subjects each using a smart electronic device, the method comprising: using (injecting) an ID for each said smart electronic device for determining a propensity of proximity of each said plurality of subjects; said determining a propensity of proximity comprises: at a proximity event, when a particular said smart electronic device of a particular said subject is in proximity of one or more other of said smart electronic devices, transmitting an ID or an indication thereof to said one or more other smart electronic devices and receiving an ID or indication thereof from said one or more other smart electronic devices, by said particular smart electronic device”

Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial – The BMJ – (reported 2/11/2021) – Revelations of poor practices at a contract research company helping to carry out Pfizer’s pivotal covid-19 vaccine trial raise questions about data integrity and regulatory oversight. Paul D Thacker reports

Covid, Ivermectin and the Crime of the Century – Dr. Pierre Kory, Chief Medical Officer of the FLCCC Alliance, joins Bret Weinstein, host of The Dark Horse Podcast to discuss “Covid, Ivermectin and the Crime of the Century.”  This program, which many quickly called “the best podcast I have ever listened to” lays out the truth about ivermectin and how the suppression of its efficacy against COVID-19 has cost hundreds of thousands of people their lives.

Dr Tess Lawrie – Director of the Evidence-based Medicine Consultancy in Bath, England, is a world-class researcher and consultant to the World Health Organisationn – Interview on Ivermectin – Oracle Film

Dr. Robert Malone: On the 2021 International COVID Summit and More – Dr Malone is the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology.

Japan drops vax rollout, goes to Ivermectin, ENDS COVID almost overnight – 27th October, 2021

Why is the FDA Attacking a Safe Effective Drug? – By David R. Henderson and Charles L. Hooper July 28, 2021