Elected in 2017, Stephen Andrew is the State MP for Mirani in Queensland. His facebook page contains many well written and in-depth essays on a variety of topics that concern his local constituency as well as Queensland, Australia and our place in the world.

“IN SCIENCE WE TRUST ”Under the State’s emergency powers legislation, Queenslanders are being ruled over by a tiny group of unknown and unaccountable ‘experts’, NOT their elected politicians or government. IF you believe that the amount of science you have at your hands right now is the final word on ALL matters, and if you use peer pressure, vilification and laws to silence those who don’t “follow the science”, then you actually live in a theocracy and “science” has become your God. 10/11/2021

The (Queensland) Government’s position is an utter and criminal disgrace. The laws it seeks to impose, amount to political thuggery of the worst, most dangerous kind. If allowed to stand unchallenged and unopposed, there will be no coming back from such a morally bankrupt set of laws – ever.

In true Doublespeak fashion, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, and her government, prefer to call 17 December 2021, ‘Freedom Day’, but for many it will be ‘Segregation Day’ as the government takes a more sneaky approach when it comes to imposing tyrannical laws on its people.

The Federal Government’s “Trusted Digital Identity” Bill is not only one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation ever put before an Australian Parliament, it is also the most sneaky and dishonest. It is a globalised digital identity control grid that links to everything, including Births, Deaths and Marriages, drivers licenses, car rego, parking fines and other infringements, bank details, utility accounts, health data, vaccination, Data – the lot! It creates a digital infrastructure framework from which a Social Credit System will be rolled out in Australia, every bit as freedom destroying and draconian as the one operating in China today.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk let slip a key plank in the Government’s so-called Roadmap to Freedom, during her appearance on Sunrise this morning. When asked whether Queensland still needed the multi-million dollar secure quarantine facilities being built in Wellcamp and Pinkenba, the Premier let the cat out of the bag in a big way. “We’ll also need them for unvaccinated people”.

WHO REALLY OWNS AUSTRALIA? – NEW FEDERAL INQUIRY IS LOOKING AT THE PROBLEM OF ‘COMMON OWNERSHIP’ Ever wondered why all Australia’s major companies seem to do and say exactly the same thing? From adopting the same policies on everything, from climate change to ‘Covid’, to spouting the same ‘woke’ mantras, the uncanny synchronicity between them all is starting to defy all known laws of probability.

WHO REALLY OWNS AUSTRALIA’S CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE ASSETS?As I mentioned in an earlier Post, the Federal Parliament has launched an inquiry into the “extent of common ownership of Australia’s publicly listed companies” amongst a small group of institutional investors, headed by BlackRock and Vanguard. The new Inquiry will be looking into a small group of investors who control and effectively own nearly all of Australia’s biggest companies.