Senator Roberts is the Queensland Senator for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation. Extremely outspoken on the ‘stealing’ of freedoms by our Governments and the the Queensland Government in particular. His writings are highly articulate and showcase the alternative narrative in a way every Australian can understand. Check out his FB page here

Never in history has Lord Acton’s famous quote rung more true: ‘Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ It’s been calculated that the civil disobedience tipping point—which is the maximum capacity of the police to arrest people, of the jails to hold people and of the courts to process people—is in Australia around 100,000 people. Anything more than that and the system comes crashing down. Attendance at the freedom rallies last month shows we’re almost there. – Senator Roberts Parliamentary Speech and on FB here

Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts discusses the so-called public health emergency and the draconian emergency measures and legislation being put into place. He considers the Vaccine Passports to be more like digital “Vaccine Prisons” which keeps one group of people separated from society. Australian government data contradicts what they are doing, which is destroying the economy and going against fundamental human rights by destroying the very notion of democracy. The parliaments no longer serve the people and he argues that the people who allow this tyranny are the citizens themselves. The coming Trusted Digital Identity legislation is part of the Great Reset which seeks to control our whole life, economy, energy, resources, water, property, etc. Video interview – 3/11/2021

Before entering parliament, Greg Hunt was Director of Strategy for the World Economic Forum, a role that helps explain some of what he did next. As Health Minister he presided over the repeated refusal to make medical cannabis available—a position that solely benefits Big-Pharma. More recently, Greg presided over the introduction of COVID injections making huge profits for Big-Pharma, and was presumably in the loop driving the Morrison-Joyce government’s push to mandate vaccines guaranteeing a massive profits for those pharmaceutical companies that have secured contracts with Australia. In future elections vote for those who will put Australia ahead of UN and WEF dictates.

Imagine a health crisis so serious, you can sack 4000 heath workers

In response to Annastacia Palaszczuk stealing freedoms from uninjected people I firstly acknowledge people’s enormous anger in all forms of contact. The government’s announcement & threat are admissions of failure that they cannot inject everyone. Freedom is winning

So there you have it, from the official Government Health Department. COVID in children is a desperately small problem. Why are they hellbent on vaccinating kids if they rarely get sick?

Senator Malcolm Roberts on Rumble

Images from the anti-mandate rally on the QLD/NSW border yesterday. Still people want to say we are just a tiny minority, right…