Senator Rennick is the LNP Senator for Queensland. He has been very outspoken against mandatory vaccinations. His Facebook page contains many posts and testimonies from vaccine injured Australians.

Melbourne Rally- 6.11.21 Our Premiers need to listen to this – it’s time they stopped tearing our country apart. …

QLD/NSW border on the weekend! How encouraging is this?! People from all over Australia in all other states are standing in unity for freedom 🙌❤🙏 This weekend we have seen a protest in every state and the numbers are MASSIVE. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you are out numbered and alone ….. there’s millions of us ❤️

On the 20th October there was a reported death of a 14 year old girl to the TGA who had taken the Moderna vaccine. I have written to the Prime Minister asking that the vaccine rollout for children stop immediately. For the last 18 months Premiers have used the precautionary principle to destroy our country by shutting borders, imposing lockdowns and keeping our children out of schools. If the precautionary principle can be used for COVID then why can’t it be applied in regards to vaccines, especially when it comes to our children. The media of course have said nothing

Horrendous video from Casey’s mum – “This is just a small part of what my daughter Casey is going through caused by one dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Four weeks of this now and getting worse, now with the bad episodes she also loses the ability to talk! She’s in constant pain always that’s excruciating when she’s having a bad episode that can last from half an hour or for many hours at a time! The pressure in her head is unbearable and getting worse each episode, she’s struggling to walk on her own

From Adam “5 days in hospital after 2nd Pfizer shot, server chest pain, shortness of breath and pain running down arm. ecg was out and bloods were elevated.. was diagnosed with pericarditis.

“I am emotionally drained. My youngest child had his second Vax on Friday. Today he started having sharp chest pain and couldn’t breathe properly. We’ve been up at the hospital all day

From Matt who listened to Anastasia Palaszczuk say the vaccines were safe and effective and is now paralyzed down his right hand side. “It has now been 10 weeks in hospital and I am still not able to walk.

‘I’ve been contacted by thousands of people over the last two weeks who are feeling like Belinda. Our governments should be ashamed of themselves for treating Australians like this.”

Tammy: On 19th October, I had my second Pfizer Vaccine. On 22nd October, I was woken up by an intense ‘indigestion’ like pain, which further progressed into vomiting lots of pink (and later blood). The Dr proceeded to tell me I was about to have a heart attack. He was Wrong. My levels were on their way back down, so more than likely, I had just had a heart attack. I spent a week in hospital with multiple different tests which also diagnosed an inflammation in my heart, called Myocarditis. A known side effect of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine. Last week alone, the TGA of Australia, recognised 60 cases of this condition, caused by these vaccines. The original stats being provided by the government were far lower than these actual figures.

From Andrew “after getting the Astrazeneca vaccine on the 2/11/2021. It wasn’t a great experience shaking violently on those 3-4 occasions. You know the type of shaking you see on those conspiracy videos, while lying on a bed in the gp clinic waiting for the ambulance. That was me. If winning lotto was as easy as getting a so called “rare” adverse reaction from these vaccines that are supposedly voluntary but if I don’t get it I can’t do my job therefore i can’t put food on the table or pay the rent/mortgage I’d be a millionaire. Incentive – the new word for bribery especially with that $1m up for grabs if you get the jab, but don’t forget to read the fine print.

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