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Riccardo Bosi is the leader and one of the founders of the AustraliaOne Party, a new Australian political party the stated intention of which: create a moral political party that empowers citizens to reach their highest individual potential so that collectively all can participate in the Reformation of Australia. Riccardo is also an author and award winning speaker, a strategic and operational leader and innovator with a record of achievements in private and public sectors, domestically and internationally. Formerly a senate candidate for the Australian Conservatives Party, he is also a retired Australian Army Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel.

AustraliaOne Party – Q&A with Riccardo Bosi and Sarah Youll – 5th November 2021

Top Medical Experts Provide COVID-19 Advice – 26/09/2021 – Riccardo Bosi hosted a webinar with four leading health professionals – Dr Peter McCullogh, – US board certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular diseases, and clinical lipidology, Dr Paul Alexander – Canadian Health Researcher and former US Department of Health and Human Services, Dr Jury Wilyman – Independent Informed medical options and health educator, Dr Paul Oosterhuis – Australian Anaesthetist at Sydney Southwest Area Health Service

Riccardo Bosi hosted a webinar with two leading health professionals who have both been censored for exposing the damage being done by the current COVID-19 policy of most western countries – 12/10/2021

AustraliaOne leader talks one on one with Alex Jones. Alex and Riccardo talked for an hour on a wide range of subjects including the path out the tyranny that we are in now facing. From how did we get here to how do we get out of it. 27/09/2021

Riccardo Bosi – You do not negotiate with evil… You destroy it! – 15th July 2021

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