Information is Power. Much has recently been written about the censorship of alternative and non-official-narrative ‘news’ and information. There are many treatments, supplements, protocols and much information that you will not find using such browsers as Google, Chrome etc. There are alternative safe browsers that will give you non-google-algorithmic responses to your search queries. They are also compatible with most 3rd party virus protection. We have found adding the DuckDuckGo browser extension to Chrome for your desktop or downloading an independent browser such as Brave for your mobile gives a completely different set of results to anything searched for in Google/Chrome etc. Why not give it a go yourself? You might be surprised at what you find.
We do not give medical information nor personal recommendation of any product, treatment or point of view on these pages. We simply collate information that may be of interest.

Some sites to check out, read and follow for the latest in alternative and independent news, media & opinion. As Mulder always said – ‘the truth is out there”




  • Unlike FB, Telegram is presently uncensored. As with any social platform there is plenty of garbage, however there is plenty of quality information and external links to follow and consider. Most FB influencers seem to have their own Telegram channels these days due to the censorship, deletion and banning of accounts and persons writing opinions and posting information that goes against the official narrative. Here are just a few: (You can download Telegram from your App store).
  • Alan Hashem – – mini docos on Australians injured by mRNA vaccines